Reset, the Podcast: Rose McGowan Entrepreneur, Actress, Activist, Author

This is Mental Health Awareness Week. If ever there was a woman to whom Suki Thompson, Founder/CEO Let’s Reset, should talk to about wellbeing and resetting in her Reset Podcast series, Rose McGowan is that woman.

In 2017, Rose reset Hollywood in its entirety through speaking out about sexual assault and harassment. In this podcast, she talks about that moment and everything that has followed since. Suki explores a side to Rose that few people hear about. Rose McGowan the business woman, the entrepreneur and the investor. She describes what Hollywood taught her not to do in business terms and how she judges what business investments she makes. Not unsurprisingly, the words brave, fair and wellbeing are never far from her mind when making these decisions. This Reset The Podcast is a fascinating insight into the other side of the one of the world’s most famous activists.

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