Reset, the Podcast: Russ Kane, Writer and Broadcaster

Russ Kane

In this latest Reset the Podcast, Suki talks to Russ Kane, the award-winning writer and broadcaster. Here is a man who defines what reset means. And, during their chat, he shares the personal and the professional resets in his life. From losing his wife to cancer when his twin boys were five years old to why a headline about suicide changed the course of his professional life over the past few years.

Russ has met an extraordinary cast of characters on his journey and you’ll be amazed at who some of them are. His own take on the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune are fascinating to listen to.

Suki and Russ also discuss why anger is often an energy that can be used positively. And perhaps the most moving and profound moment in their time together comes when Russ tells her why it’s not the cards you are dealt, but how you play your hand. A very memorable piece of advice from a remarkable man.

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