Reset, the Podcast: Ruth Mortimer, Global President, Advertising Week

Ruth Mortimer, Global President, Advertising Week

From starting her working journey in the South of Turkey as an archaeologist, to being appointed Global President of the prestigious Advertising Week, there is much to excavate when it comes to Ruth’s colourful career.

Driven by a desire to prove those who underestimate or doubt her wrong, Ruth shares what has guided her path to success, as well as the learnings and moments of resets she has had along the way. We talk about the clarity and perspective the time away from work gave her during her maternity leave, as well as why her whole career has been underpinned by a desire to understand and share people’s stories.

From one self confessed ‘workaholic’ to another, we discuss what we do to switch off and really look after our own wellbeing. We talk openly about the help we have both received from councellors to reflect, reframe and reset our thinking to become better leaders for others and more compassionate individuals to ourselves. Having worked together within a range of different organisations, the conversation looks at the importance of building an open and authentic culture, where people feel able to ask for help and putting care  and wellbeing at the heart of this.

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