Reset, the Podcast: Sara Tate – Not Every Cloud Has to Have a Silver Lining

Reset the Podcast with Sara Tate and Suki Thompson

I have known Sara Tate for a long time as an accomplished agency leader. She is an advertising mastermind, now a qualified coach and organisational strategist. Sara has a fascination with business culture and what makes people tick, how we are different and what can help bring people together.

We cover so much in this podcast but there are 3 main themes to our discussion.

The first is to ask for help. We discuss how hard it can be to reach out and ask for help when we feel like we are drowning. Sara reflects on how a loss in her past made her take a step back and lean more on those around her and how that taught her to not be afraid to ask for help anymore. Together we discuss the ways we learnt how to ask for help and the amazing people that we learnt from.

The second theme was learning to take a break. We also discuss the importance of taking recovery time for your daily rituals. Just like athletes take recovery periods from their sports, we too need recovery breaks from work. Sara shares some tips of how to raise your own self-awareness of when you need to take a break and how to find a way to recover.

We move on to the importance of relationships. We talk about how to create stronger relationships at work. A good team is always in progress and Sara shares how to make them focused and high performing.

Talking with Sara this week was like a breath of fresh air and a reminder to take a moment to pause, reset and re-energise. It made me reflect again that you just can’t control other people you can only control yourself. But what you can do is take accountability for yourself and change your own behaviour for the better and I’m doing so you are able to influence others.



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