Reset, the Podcast: The Places We’ll Go

In this latest Reset Podcast, I turn the tables on two people who have a Podcast of their own. The Places We’ll Go Show is hosted by two of the most prominent names in marketing. Mark Evans, the MD of Marketing at Direct Line Group and Ritchie Mehta, the CEO of the School of Marketing. And I was delighted to be able to chat to them both. About their journeys, about their own resets and their view that life is rarely ever a straight line. From Ritchie’s journey to Scotland aged 14 from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai to Mark’s light bulb moment in a curry house in Nottingham. They are resets that will both inspire and make you think. Because that’s what both of my guests this week do best. They make you think about some of life’s most important questions. What is purpose? How are careers really built? And, in Mark’s case, why being made redundant four times has been the catalyst for one of the most interesting careers in marketing. I know you are going to love listening to this.

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