Reset, the Podcast: Toby Whitmoyer, Global Marketing and Innovation Officer, Bacardi

Toby Whitmoyer

In this week’s Reset the Podcast, Suki Thompson, Founder/CEO, Let’s Reset talks to a man who lives and breathes creativity. So much so that Innovation plays a starring role in his job title. Toby Whitmoyer’s is Bacardi’s Global Marketing and Innovation Officer. They talk about how Chile and his Father played a defining role in his early life and why Toby has a lifelong love of learning. During their time together, they chat about what really energises him and why he feels it’s so important to bring your whole best self, as he puts it, to work. Learning new things has been the lifeblood of Toby’s own wellbeing journey but so has his new found love of physical exercise. A consequence, as for many of us, of a global pandemic.

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