Reset, the Podcast: Tony Miller, WW – to Be Your Best Self You Have to Be Your Authentic Self

Stylized photo of Tony Miller of Weight Watchers

Tony Miller, CMO, VP Growth and Performance Marketing, WW, Weight Watchers is one of the most open and inclusive people I know, and he wears his heart on his sleeve, which makes him an inspiring leader.

Tony shares with me how it’s important to provide people with support as well as information to enable them to make a positive change to their physical wellbeing and in doing so, their mental wellbeing.

We talk about his journey in becoming the dynamic leader and wonderful person he is today. As a younger boy, he didn’t embrace his sexuality and felt unable to articulate this. He began to understand himself better by his 20s but he feared rejection, being a disappointment and his relationship with family and friends.  He came out when he was 35. Everyone’s journey is different, and Tony remains proud and confident with his own.

I am reminded in this conversation to celebrate everyone’s difference – every body can be a healthy body and everyone can feel their authentic, energetic, best self in and out of work when they are encouraged to.


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