Small Incremental Resets to Accelerate for Success

Lex Bradshaw-Zanger, CMO L'Oreal

This week I discuss ‘squiggly careers’ with Lex Bradshaw-Zanger’s and the journey which has led him to the esteemed position of Chief Marketing and Digital Officer for UK & Ireland, L’Oreal.

As well as discussing Lex’s professional trajectory, he share’s his personal journey- talking to me about why understanding himself as an introvert has been fundamental in shaping the way he builds relationships with people around him, both in and out of the workplace. On this theme of understanding yourself, we also discuss Lex the leader, and why for him, ‘doing the simple things well’, is one of the defining attributes of his leadership style and how small incremental changes and resets have been the backbone to his career and life.

We reflect on the pivots and changes covid brought to L’Oreal, as well as the new opportunities it provided.  And looking to the future, we discuss what is next for digital communications, how brands can grow, hybrid working and the skill sets which are required to create cultures of true innovation and transformation. Lex finally shares some personal ambitions, including his aim to look after himself more as a priority as he tries find that all important balance between work life and home life. So many marketers are outgoing and self-centered. Lex is neither and it leads to a thoughtful and thought provoking rest the podcast.

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