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Catching Some Z’s with HiSmile’s Nik Mirkovic

Generation Z is arguably the choosiest when it comes to the brands they support. But as 20-something entrepreneurs Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic prove, if you get your product and comms strategy right, you can ride the wave of approval and build a really strong brand.

Catching Some Zs with Iyia Liu

Wooing Generation Z can be a tough sell. Educated, dedicated and increasingly conscious of their consumption habits, they can be a tricky cohort to engage in authentic ways. Unless of course, you’re New Zealander Iyia Liu, a serial entrepreneur who has shown again and again she knows what Gen Z wants.

The Creative Lens with Dan Monheit, Founder, Hardhat

Hardhat is an agency that works to marry the best of creativity with an understanding of the ins and outs of human behaviour. Here, Co-Founder Dan Monheit gives us an insight into how he uses psychology to fuel creative output.

Authentic Approaches To Improving Advertising Industry Inclusion

Cultural inclusion is gaining prominence in the advertising industry and in recent years it has taken great strides forward. Here, we talk to four agency heads across Australia and New Zealand, who have been bringing indigenous voices and cultural values further into the mainstream advertising and media environment.

The Creative Lens: A Special Kind of Agency

New Zealand-founded agency Special Group has recently taken out Campaign UK’s Global Creative & Independent Agency of the Year award. Founder, Tony Bradbourne, reveals some of the secrets of its internationally renowned creative.