The Download, Episode 2: COVID Speeds Up Reimagining the Future of Retail

In Episode 1 of The Microsoft Advertising Download we presented the theme around Business Recovery. We spoke about Marketing with Purpose and interviewed Afdhel Aziz, co-author of the book, “Good is the New Cool” on how businesses are using purpose as a way to drive business results. Our colleague MJ DePalma hosted the Inclusive Marketing Lab and explained how purpose is at the heart of inclusive marketing. We also spoke with Heidi CooleyOpens in new window, Global Head of Marketing for footwear brand Crocs and hosted a roundtable called The Noodle with global partners.

On Episode 2 we key in on the theme of Retail. Retail has been an interesting area in 2020, as it was undergoing transformation the past several years and then Covid-19 sped up a lot of that change, where we use acronyms like BOPIS (Buy Online Pick-Up Instore) to describe emerging customer behavior patterns. We have retail insights from our London-based analytics and insights team voiced by our colleague Thom Arkestal. We have a feature on all of the interesting changes in retail called Future Boutique where we speak with Will Margaritas, Senior Vice President of eCommerce at Reprise Media. MJ DePalma returns for a new installment of the Inclusive Marketing Lab to talk about the Marketing with Purpose Playbook. We also have a product pop-up segment where we discuss the Microsoft Audience Network as a powerful tool for agencies, brands and publishers to use. And finally we “Noodle” with an Australian and Asia-Pacific panel of partners. It’s another under 30 minute episode packed with insights, trends, thought leadership and product demos.

We hope you enjoy Episode 2 of The Download as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

Take advantage of other rich industry insights, consumer trends, and product updates by making your way to the Microsoft Advertising Retail hub, which has launched in the U.S.U.K.Opens in new windowCanadaOpens in new windowAustraliaOpens in new windowGermanyOpens in new windowFranceOpens in new window and SpainOpens in new window. Or, listen to our Retail Unwrapped webcast on demand. Happy holiday planning!


  • Obele West Brown, Tinuiti  
  • Hannah Jones, Sparro  
  • Ryan Garrow, Logical Position  
  • J. William Margaritis,  Reprise Media
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