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American Express have had a long legacy in music culture. With their multi-year Music Backers program, they expressed the Powerful Backing of their brand ethos to support the music industry at a time they needed it most. Now in a post-COVID world, they have re-imagined their voice for a changing cultural landscape.

In this episode, from Advertising Week APAC 2022, we look at how the brand has grown their Cultural Capital through meaningful partnerships with artists and unpack their recent collaborations.


  • 00:30 – 02:11 – How American Express is evolving their voice in the music industry
  • 02:12 – 14:29 – What it means to have a voice in music
  • 14:29 – 18:33 – How American Express’s Music Backers program evolved over the last two years
  • 18:33 – 28:42 – How important is it for artists to have financial aid?
  • 28:42 – 30:27 – How did they help bring back live music in Sydney?
  • 30:29 – 33:23 – What it was like collaborating with American Express
  • 33:24 – 34:53 – Marketing, strategy, and gig


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