Uncommon Thinking: How Diversity Changes the Advertising Business in the Future

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How will the advertising business of the future create innovation and new solutions? Among the various driving forces, we focus on diversity. As seen in the surveys, there is a correlation between diversity and productivity in an organization, it is believed that having a variety of perspectives can increase the possibilities of new ideas and improve the overall performance of the organization. That is why it is important to create a corporate culture that embraces diversity. In this panel discussion, members of the Dentsu Japan Network who are actively at the forefront of marketing will discuss future possibilities created by diversity.


  • 00:52 – 02:22 – How Diversity will Change the Advertising Business
  • 02:24 – 04:46 – What does diversity in the workplace mean?
  • 04:47 – 07:16 – How does diversity play into Dentsu’s business
  • 07:16 – 18:39 – What does diversity mean for your career or for your team
  • 18:39 – 21:39 – The small business performance of diverse workplaces
  • 21:40 – 27:14 – Working in Japan and Dentsu
  • 27:14 – 28:55 – How has Dentsu’s working environment changed?


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