Uncommon Thinking: Reporting While Black

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In this episode, originally recorded at Advertising Week New York 2021, we join CNN News Anchor Don Lemon and Kargo’s Founder & CEO Harry Kargman in an inspiring conversation — diving into Don’s personal journey and the broader responsibility we have as an industry in supporting free press, independent media and an enlightened America.


  • 00:29 – 04:24 – Don Lemon on how he got to be one of the most famous journalists in the world
  • 04:25 – 12:38 – Advice for aspiring media people
  • 12:38 – 14:22 – Is there things on the liberal side of the Democratic Party that he finds abhorrent?
  • 14:22 – 18:22 – What are the challenges he’s faced in his career?
  • 18:23 – 20:54 – The unique challenges of being a representative of the LGBTQ community
  • 20:56 – 23:55 – What was the most meaningful story of his career
  • 24:02 – 28:51 – How brands need to support journalism


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