Uncommon Thinking: The Future of AI

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What does the future of AI look like?

While we all know that artificial intelligence will change business forever, how will this happen? Those leading and involved in businesses pushing the boundaries of AI discuss in this session from Advertising Week Europe 2022.


  • 04:09 – 11:54 – How to measure the success of AI and algorithms
  • 11:55 – 13:36 – Using humans to train AI models
  • 13:38 – 16:36 – What to do when errors are made
  • 16:36 – 23:53 – How to fix mistakes in AI models
  • 23:52 – 26:29 – How data is obtained
  • 26:29 – 30:41 – What machine learning and AI algorithms can do for your business in the next 10 years


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