What About The Music: Bryan Barnes & Shannon Murphy

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Award winning Creative Directors Bryan Barnes & Shannon Murphy at adam&eve DDB join the podcast to break down the music-for-ads industry. With experience working with brands like JetBlue, Volkswagen, Molson Coors, and Mountain Dew, the pair dive into tackling music from a creative perspective.

Episode Highlights:

  • 05:30 – Shannon discusses her introduction to music in the advertising industry
  • 12:00 – Shannon dives into a project for Blue Moon, and the key role music played in the campaign
  • 17:00 – Bryan shares how he navigates music terminology in the production phase
  • 19:00 – Bryan dives into the background of a powerful project for P&G and the custom music process
  • 24:20 – Shannon & Bryan share their key advice for fellow creatives

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