What About The Music: Chris Clark & Julie Nichols

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Squeak E. Clean Executive Creative Producer Chris Clark and Creative Director Julie Nichols join the podcast to deliver unparalleled insights on the music-for-ads industry. In this unique episode, the Windy City duo shares key perspectives on guiding the creative process for brands and agencies, stresses the importance of collaboration with industry competitors, and explores the pivotal role of music in a Women’s History Month campaign.

Episode Highlights:

  • 01:10 – Chris & Julie kick off the episode by discussing their roles at Squeak E. Clean Studios and how they got started in the advertising industry
  • 06:40 – Julie dives into a TIAA campaign for Women’s History Month and the pivotal role that music played
  • 12:30 – Chris explains how he guides the creative process for brands and agencies
  • 16:25 – Beto expresses his love for Chicago and notes the role that the city had in SoStereo’s success
  • 24:16 – Chris reflects on the rapidly changing media trends and the opportunities that come with it

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SoStereo makes it fast and easy for brands/agencies to use real music by real artists on their video content. Our goal is to help brands unlock the marketing power of music; to elevate content & better connect with consumers. Find out more at sostereo.com

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