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Advertising Week’s Global Accelerator and Startup Bootcamp kicks off in Johannesburg at the inaugural Advertising Week Africa in partnership with HARTBEAT.

Advertising Week’s Startup Accelerator identifies, educates and connects high growth media, marketing and technology start-ups with the advertising, marketing and investment community.  The program creates value for the entire ecosystem by helping marketers solve their biggest challenges with the latest and most relevant startup solutions.

Startups will have the opportunity to learn and network with the world’s top marketers, thought leaders and investment mentors.  In addition, participants will have strategic amplification access to the Advertising Week Global platform, Startup Community and Extended HartBeat network.  The innovation program will connect startups to AW constituents around the globe including brands, agencies, media companies, investment and more.


The Advertising Week Africa Accelerate Program selects 8-10 early-stage companies to participate in a highly curated half-day.  The program introduces the participants to industry leaders in the fields of advertising, marketing, brand building and media.  Featured speakers and mentors include CMOs from global brands along with experienced industry entrepreneurs and investors from venture capital funds.

Participants directly engage with decision makers and learn how to successfully work with and sell to brands and agencies.   These are insights start-ups will not find in a book or your typical six-month program but rather directly from the end user.

The selected companies have an opportunity to pitch their company to the network of mentors and the potential opportunity to participate in a Proof-of-Concept test with a local (regional) brand or agency.

A key component of the program component is the 1:1 mentoring offered to participants pairing them with a broad range of experienced executives and investors.  This 1:1 time allows participants to receive focused feedback and advice for working within the advertising industry whether you are looking to develop relationships with agencies, brands or tech companies.

Post-event participants will be able to access the AW Global mentor network of decision makers, follow up marketing and PR opportunities and access to additional AW events and education.   Apply below.