The Answer Is Automation

For digital media, advertising and numerous other industries, automation is the key solution needed to improve efficacy and efficiency, allowing businesses to outperform the competition.


How Brands Can Succeed on TikTok

More and more brands are wanting to appear on TikTok, and the platform seems to have achieved a rare level of viral popularity among the most desirable audiences. TikTok, however, is not a typical media platform. Here are some very important points to consider for brands that want to get onto the newest, most popular digital platform.


Audience Targeting And Why The Industry Needs To Do Better

Despite gathering significant momentum in recent years, the concept of diversity seems to remain a separate workstream for many businesses, as opposed to manifesting itself as a significant shift in policy, process, and approach.


K-Shaped Recovery: How Brands Can Come Out On Top Post-COVID

The economic impact of the pandemic has not been spread equally. Hard-hit industries like travel, retail and automotive were forced to rethink fundamental principles underpinning their normal business practices. While some faced hardships due to a prolonged disruption in trading, others capitalised on this new digital-first environment.


Your Brand Strategy Failed. It’s Not Your Fault.

Your brand strategy was never destined to succeed. Months of work, resources, discussions, and meetings that somehow never get you to the gold at the end of that proverbial rainbow. It’s a chronic problem caused by the system we’re working both in and against.


Creativity and the Power of Scale

Coming from the world of a creative agency, it can be hard to fully appreciate all of the digital advancements the industry has experienced in the last 5-10 years. Companies have talked about breaking down silos for years now, but implementing change is notoriously difficult.


Re-Thinking The HFSS Debate: A Call To Arms For Context

The imminent UK government ban on advertising products that are high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) is almost certainly well-intentioned. But it is also heavy-handed, especially given the positive impact of industry self-regulation, as well as the advanced technologies available to manage and control ad exposure.


Catching Some Z’s with HiSmile’s Nik Mirkovic

Generation Z is arguably the choosiest when it comes to the brands they support. But as 20-something entrepreneurs Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic prove, if you get your product and comms strategy right, you can ride the wave of approval and build a really strong brand.

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