Seize Control of Your First-Party Data Destiny

Generative AI plays a distinct role in leveraging first-party data compared to regular AI by not only analyzing and predicting based on data but also creating new, unique content and experiences tailored to individual users.

Escaping the Sandbox: How Brands Can Independently Achieve Real Ad Results

Yes, it may be scary to try something new, especially with large uncertainties in the world of digital advertising.  Will that ever stop, likely not, so advertisers better buckle up, and try to be a first or second mover as it does not cost a lot to prove that you can still reach your goals in the future, a future without cookies and – who knows – with or without the Sandbox.

Choose OOH This Political Season

With today’s voter spending more than 70% of their time away from home and increasingly blocking ads online, political marketers simply cannot afford to skip out on DOOH this election season.

Is Cookieless the Next Boy Who Cried Wolf?

The death of third-party cookies isn’t a return to early digital marketing, rather it will lead to solutions that will balance the needs of consumers privacy and digital marketing. 

Abridged Identity

Until these systems start leveraging other bidstream signals for targeting, frequency capping and attributing performance, ongoing abuse of that first-class identifier will likely persist.

How Customer Research Turns Insight into Impact

Understanding consumers is the foundation of effective marketing, not just a strategy. It is crucial for every team to collaborate and grasp the significance of research to enhance the impact of their work.

Solving the Advertising Reach Crisis

The reach crisis facing advertisers is evident, but it doesn’t need to be a problem, providing advertisers and publishers explore technologies that will enable them to work closer together.

Search is on… TikTok, YouTube, Instagram

Where Google still leads, based on data from Rise at Seven, is on searches for activities nearby, including events and entertainment, ahead of both TikTok and YouTube.

The Future of Data Driven Marketing Decisions

Marketers are constantly seeking new ways to leverage insights to inform their strategies. The ever-evolving data driven marketing landscape is the latest frontier for marketers, presenting challenges and opportunities alike.