The Great Privacy Reset: How Will You Prepare?

Lessons and Learnings at Permutive’s Global Summit.

You’ve heard it all before – cookies are going away and targeting like we know it will soon go with them. The fright of a world without cookies continues to loom over us all like rain clouds, and every time we get ready for the sun to shine through – the wind yet again shifts, and we must pivot the way we are thinking of the “cookieless world.”

Now, even with the news from Google stating that Chrome will phase out third-party cookies mid-2023, the question remains; are you prepared for the great data crisis to come? And further; how can you educate yourself on what to expect?

The resources are out there. The blog posts, the interviews with leading industry experts, the company-generated FAQs… a simple Google search, ironically, will scan far and wide to generate a wealth of information that can help you develop a future strategy.

But, what and who can you trust? And, how can you put this information into real action?

Permutive, an audience platform built to enable premium advertisers and publishers to better understand site users and target audiences, is taking matters into their own hands and curating an educational experience that is open to all and provides a direct line into the minds of experts setting expectations for what is to come – and how we got here.

On July 14th, participants will have the opportunity to hear straight from Permutive CEO, Joe Root, for his take on what rebuilding really looks like in a protected digital environment, before turning the mic over to Bob Hoffman – as seasoned expert in all-things-data-and-privacy.

You are most likely familiar with Hoffman’s expertise through his newsletter/blog The Ad Contrarian, but he’s crafted a wealth of knowledge (mostly in the form of #1 selling books on Amazon) on data and privacy throughout his career.

Hoffman’s audit of the current state of data privacy seems particularly interesting, especially because he will consider the how of where we are today – how did the digital ad environment evolve to where we are today. Or more simply put, How did we get here?

Next up, the audience will catch an exclusive glimpse of Permutive’s product roadmap and hear about the solutions that are currently in place to help address some of the challenges facing brands, advertisers, and publishers today.

And finally, this experiential and educational day is set to close with a fireside chat that welcomes two industry veterans and experts in their own right – Jana Meron of Insider, Inc and Lung Huang of Mars Petcare. And with an audience-initiated Q&A to follow, participants will have a direct line into these experts and uncover perspectives that are essential to preparing for the future.

Needless to say, it’s set to be a packed day of insights and critical information with the Permutive team for those forward thinkers looking to continue their education on a world without cookies. You don’t want to miss this – register here.