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Building Consumer Trust Through Authenticity

Nurture those connections — engage with them, listen to them and act when required, and you’ll convert those customers into your biggest cheerleaders, all while improving your business for the better in the process.

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Meet Generation Alpha

As brands prioritize diversity and inclusion, they need to ensure intent and education converts to action.

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The Future of Talent is Really Back to the Basics

Ultimately, if we focus on getting the basics right of delivering an amazing connected employee experience and continue to innovate we can solve for the future of talent, and impact our businesses in a positive way. 

Gatsby and Blocky, Gate.io’s New Mascots

Meet Gatsby and Blocky, Gate.io’s New Mascots!

Gatsby and Blocky are two best friends with incredibly unique backstories. Anyone, whether you’re in the crypto space or not, can relate to them. Let’s learn more about each character!

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