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Now Is the Time to Embrace Creativity

To explore the future impact of transformational changes in the creative realm, Google is partnering with Contagious, Benedict Evans, Bain & Company, and 25 industry trailblazers on the Open Creative Project

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Social Media Success – Leveraging It the BeReal Way

The best plan for brands intending to leverage BeReal during Golden Quarter and beyond is to stay abreast of the updates so they can fully understand how they may impact their strategy surrounding the app.

Four Fundamental Shifts in Advertising & Media cover page

Four Fundamental Shifts in Advertising and Media

In the wake of the pandemic, brands must navigate complex and sensitive issues, from intensifying political polarization to calls for social justice and a looming economic recession. Meanwhile, whether it’s the deprecation of the cookie or the launch of new platforms, technological change is accelerating.

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Is Creative … Dead?

I’m confident in the future of our creative industry for a few reasons, but the big one is represented by the one thing that AI cannot replicate: nuance.

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