Four Factors for Success During Prime Day 2024 and Beyond

Standing out in the e-commerce sector is always tough, but it’s even harder amid mega deal pushes. Rising above the noise means ensuring campaigns keep up with variable shopper needs by deploying slicker data-driven strategies and maximising tailored creative flexibility.

Retail Media’s Overdue Push Toward the Cookieless Future

Retailers have a bright future ahead of them and are well-positioned to be advertising powerhouses. But to truly win, they need to work with the right identity resolution partners to ensure that first-party data matches up with publisher data.

Flanker or Bust: Building a Sub-Brand to Win

The flanker brand has been a go-to in the incumbent brand competitive playbook for years. When it works, it adds a powerful competitor that can scaffold off the main brand to build new markets and grow revenue.

Why Strategic Churn Is Good for Your Bottom Line

Let’s look at why strategic churn is emerging as a powerful tactic for subscription companies to optimize customer lifetime value (CLTV), drive net revenue retention (NRR), and achieve positive cash flow, all while fostering deeper relationships with their most valuable customers.

Retaining the Personal Touch as AI Reinvents Retail

The AI revolution brings with it a significant concern – will the technology’s pursuit of data-driven automation come at the cost of the authentic human connections that are so vital to exceptional retail service?

The 10 Commandments of Retail

In their latest book, uber-famous Prof. Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing, and Dr. Giuseppe Stigliano, Global CEO at Spring Studios, give us their view on the future of retail.

Retail’s Crystal Ball: 3 Trends Shaping Tomorrow’s Stores

While consumers continue to seek cutting-edge technology across channels, prioritizing experiences exclusive to the physical realm gives retailers a significant advantage in drawing more customers to their brick-and-mortar establishments.

Black Friday Is No Longer Just a Date

Black Friday, like Christmas, isn’t only one day of the year. It’s one of the biggest yearly opportunities for brands and it’s time for advertising around the event to begin reflecting that.

Where Retail Media is Heading in 2024

Understanding how retail data can benefit strategy and define the marketing mix will be unique to each brand, but those that adopt early and build a knowledge base have the opportunity to succeed.