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The Future of Talent is Really Back to the Basics

Ultimately, if we focus on getting the basics right of delivering an amazing connected employee experience and continue to innovate we can solve for the future of talent, and impact our businesses in a positive way. 

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Gen Z: A Coveted Audience But Where Are They?

Marketers need to change their way of thinking, shifting from a mindset of where is Gen Z to a mindset that reflects understanding the generation and the content they want to see.

Kathy Neumann, CMO of Rent

Anatomy of a Rebrand – a Q&A with Kathy Neumann, CMO of Rent

Neumann is the recipient of 12 industry-associated awards including the 2019 OnCon Icon Top 50 Marketer Award as well as the 2015 AMA Atlanta Marketer of the Year Award for Integrated Marketing Campaign, Interactive Marketing & Social Media Campaign.

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The Era of Cultural Transparency in Advertising

This session explores how to overcome the challenge of connecting with audiences across different geographies and provides actionable insights that you can implement in your visual strategy.


Rethinking the Framework of Brand Response to Tragedies

When a brand does decide to engage, having the right internal and external team is essential to figuring out what a brand’s values are, what causes are important to them, and how they speak about those causes when the time comes.

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