Nielsen Creator Report

Over the last decade the surge in interest and investment into the creator economy has grown exponentially. And, even though not always recognized, Black creatives have been leading that charge. For too long Black culture and creators have had an undeniable influence on global mainstream culture without equal opportunity or recognition. At Group Black, we understand that when you invest in diverse talent, not only is it good for society, it’s good for business. 

So, in an effort to provide data and research behind our claims, Group Black in partnership with Nielsen, released a first of its kind Black Creator Impact Report comparing Black creators to their non-black counterparts. This report takes a deep dive into the economic and cultural impact of Black creators based on their influence on social media platforms including Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube and Twitter. The report analyzed creators based on three metrics: follower growth, follower interaction and media value. Media value being a proprietary Nielsen metric to determine a monetary value for digital and social content, based on the audience’s exposure and engagement. 

In the categories of fashion, lifestyle and gaming, the study found that Black creators generate 10.5x the media value of their non-Black creators. You can find the full study here. Through our work we hope to shift the mindset of the industry so that Black voices who have proven their market value time and time again are no longer capped, compromised or undervalued.