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AW360 Q&A with Stephanie Blake, CEO, Skylight

Advertising Week New York delegates already know how special the PENN DISTRICT venue is as it played host to the biggest Advertising Week event ever. We sat down with Stephanie Blake, CEO of Skylight, the company behind the PENN DISTRICT.

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know

Businesses are being forced – by their customers, by their governments, by their shareholders – to invest in sustainability, to reduce emissions and inequalities.  This system change is only going in one direction, with pressure groups and punchy start-ups pointing the way that individual consumer and employment choices will follow.

Can We Keep Our Finger on the Pulse of Culture?

Critically thinking about cultural exploration is a pursuit worth pouring effort into. Not only does it make us more effective marketers, it makes us more open-minded people.  

The Supermodel’s Guide to 50+ Marketing

Avoid ageist stereotypes and biases and meet 50+ consumers where they are with a holistic approach that taps into 50+ adults’ wide-ranging information needs, engaged lifestyles, and willingness to invest in themselves, and you’ll enhance your brand’s connections with this dominant demographic in business-building ways.

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