Representation Matters: The Power of Inclusion in Advertising

We live in a visual world where images and videos have the power to shape ideas and alter perceptions. When consumers, especially those underrepresented, feel seen in media and advertising, it matters. Why? Because authentic representation not only generates feelings but drives action. In this workshop, you will learn how to prevent tokenism and get representation right.

Getty Images collaborated with Citi to develop global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Imagery Toolkits, setting a standard for authentic representation, celebrating identity, and improving our understanding of different cultures, including cultural nuances in Mexico.

Join execs and experts from Getty Images, Citi and RacismoMX. You will come away with key takeaways to dismantle stereotypes and increase visibility for people across misrepresented and underrepresented groups shown in media and advertising, with an emphasis on discrimination in Mexico.