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The Golden Rule of Marketing in Gaming: Listen to the Fans

For many, the idea of people watching others play games or an ‘Influencer’ being someone who spent all day inside playing games and talking into a microphone was alien. To shift advertising dollars or investment capital into this space was seen as a foreign and unproven concept.

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How Ads Can Pay in Play-to-Earn Games

As the play-to-earn market continues to thrive, the inventory opportunities for marketers will continue to grow; those most ready to seize them could reap huge rewards.

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The Gaming Media Channel Is Not Just Mobile, But Global

As ‘mobile advertising’ and ‘mobile games advertising’ increasingly become a distinction without a difference, it’s clear that this opportunity is comparable to the early days of social media as a media channel.

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How Branding In Games Has Come Of Age

The gaming industry now boasts three billion players globally with a value in excess of $175.8bn. Gamers are an older and more diverse demographic than often assumed.

Hypercasual’s Golden Age Doesn’t Have To End

There have never been so many talented developers and titanic publishers working within the genre, and that’s owing to the never-ending appetite for hypercasual games in the world today.

Watch Out Social Media: Gaming Is Coming

Social media has been the dominant media channel for around a decade, and for good reason. The sheer size of social media platforms’ audiences (Facebook alone counted 2.7bn users) and the rich data they collect have created an advertising bonanza.