The Man Behind the Lacoste Crocodile

How does a crocodile, stylish as he may be, become the ubiquitous icon of a luxury brand? The answer is a bit different than what we’re used to seeing in the advertising industry.

Why Strategic Churn Is Good for Your Bottom Line

Let’s look at why strategic churn is emerging as a powerful tactic for subscription companies to optimize customer lifetime value (CLTV), drive net revenue retention (NRR), and achieve positive cash flow, all while fostering deeper relationships with their most valuable customers.

Understanding the Assignment – Gen-Z Hits Different

The influence of Gen-Z will only grow, both in economic terms and cultural impact. For marketers, the challenge is to adapt and innovate continuously to meet the expectations of this digitally forward generation.

Why Publishers Need to Grasp Contextual Data as Cookies Grow Stale

Google’s cookie deprecation might continue to edge further into the future, but publishers and advertisers should take advantage of the delay to test and optimise the fast-evolving power of contextual data, readying themselves to hit the ground running as cookies fast approach their use-by date.

Choose OOH This Political Season

With today’s voter spending more than 70% of their time away from home and increasingly blocking ads online, political marketers simply cannot afford to skip out on DOOH this election season.

Why I’d Risk Everything for BTS

The biggest lessons any marketer could learn from BTS’s cutting edge marketing is follow your fans, learn from them and grow with them.