Claritas: The 2023 Technology Report

Many are predicting the next 12 months to be a bit bumpy for the US market. Let’s face it, the last few years have not exactly been smooth. But the most fascinating thing about such times is that they are often a catalyst for the advancement of technology and innovations. This acceleration of new and emerging technology services and products has placed a premium on understanding consumer behaviors and the messages that resonate with them. The more marketers know about their current customers, the better their chances of engaging with them – and potential new prospects – in the most efficient ways.

From functionality and ease of use to design, cost, and brand loyalty, there are many reasons why people choose not only the type of technology they buy, but the manufacturer or provider of those devices/services. And there are even more ways in which they can discover that technology. It may take as many as 6 to 8 interactions to turn a lead into a paying customer, so knowing the most about each audience allows you the best opportunity for success.

Claritas’ 2023 Technology Market Report seeks to identify just a few of the many strategic opportunities that technology marketers should consider, including what audience characteristics and trends impact or strengthen activities in the market, and key actions to take to gain market share. This report is just a small sample of Claritas’ vast data and insights that are available to help drive more effective marketing.