Argentine Advertising Industry Launches Groundbreaking Initiative to Export Services

Guided by Agencias Argentinas, this project aims to create a hub of Argentine talent, enabling firms to provide marketing, content, and advertising services to other markets in a unified and collective approach. The objective is to stimulate the communication industry and achieve a 5x growth in the coming decade.

Mexico City/Buenos Aires, November 1, 2023 – ARGENTINE ADVERTISING, spearheaded by Agencias Argentinas—the association representing leading communication companies in Argentina—was unveiled during the recent Advertising Week Latam in Mexico City, a gathering that unites the Latin American advertising sector.

In an innovative move, the Argentine advertising industry is banding together to present a competitive offering of marketing, content, and advertising services to other markets, leveraging reliable and effective Argentine talent, adhering to international quality standards in processes, and employing efficient work methodologies.

“ARGENTINE ADVERTISING enables us to showcase all Argentine talent in one place, establishing a service hub where foreign agencies and advertisers can select the optimal mix of Argentine talent to address their challenges, all just a click away,” remarked Ignacio Acosta, Director of Argentine Advertising.

“The cornerstone of this initiative is the Agencias Argentinas seal, guaranteeing process quality and work methodologies; clear, transparent rules; and a project allocation system designed to ensure fairness and protection for smaller or specialized firms,” added Jorge Varela, President of Agencias Argentinas.

“It’s crucial to emphasize that project management will be localized, centralized, and personalized in each market—a highly valued aspect for companies when outsourcing services internationally,” noted Acosta.

“Our focus markets are the United States and Mexico. Today, we take our initial step in Mexico, introducing our proposal at Advertising Week Latam, a premier and influential event in the region, stemming from a public-private collaboration within the ‘Argentine Creative Experience’ program, driven by the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, and the Embassy of Argentina in Mexico,” Varela elaborated.

“The ultimate aim of ARGENTINE ADVERTISING is to propel the Argentine communication industry’s growth by fivefold in the next decade, thereby positioning it as a leading exporter in the local knowledge industry. Therefore, we invite all interested communication companies to join this trailblazing initiative, a first in our sector,” concluded Ximena Martin, Managing Director of Agencias Argentinas.

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