Hybrid Models Are Helping Speed Up Digital Transformation

By Firas Mghames, Managing Director at FEER McQUEEN & CEO at FLAG M GROUP

First, let’s break it down. A Hybrid Model is an agency model that offers traditional creative services, like branding and design, copywriting, etc. but with the added layers of digital production and web technology: think everything related to the updated creative sphere of today’s world! Digital Transformation, on the other hand, is the integration of digital technology into all areas of business, which is booming now, particularly after a lot of businesses were forced online by the global pandemic COVID-19 and its compulsory quarantines, business closures, and social distancing. Today, Digital Transformation has seeped into every fiber of Advertising, where the field can no longer make a move without optimizing completely in order to ride the new wave of this digital transformation. So, how are Hybrid Models helping speed up Digital Transformation?

Tracking back a little, the field of Advertising has grown and shifted over the years. From traditional ad work to modernized takes, the industry has been a shapeshifter, while still remaining true to its essence of creativity and catchiness. Advertisers have had to optimize their work for newer channels, that are being updated daily: while the billboard was once the brand-new channel, nowadays web apps, social media platforms, and the whole digital realm are constantly being updated and improved, and Advertisers have to keep up! Ad people themselves need to learn new skills – and learn to collaborate with other creatives in different fields – to cater to this new wave of Digital Transformation, and ultimately to their client’s desires.

Speaking of Digital Transformation, clients are well aware of what is going on, and they have been the first to jump on board and look for agencies that can provide them with this fast-paced digital overhaul. Clients seek out ad partners that can take their brand to the top, knowing full well that digital transformation is where things are and where they’ll continue to head. They want the best in the easiest way possible: they want to optimize how things are done so that they can keep up with today’s fast-paced world. Meeting all of those needs is where Hybrid Models come in. With all of the different yet harmonious layers in one Hybrid Model, the Hybrid Agency becomes a one-stop shop for the client, with no middle men and no back and forth between different service providers – basically meeting the client’s every need. Everything is consolidated in one place with one team that sees eye to eye and works together seamlessly to get the job done. From traditional branding and copywriting to media buying, web development, and e-commerce, Hybrid Models offer it all.

The Digital Transformation taking over today’s world is an inevitable revolution that will keep growing as tech advances. With daily updates of social media algorithms, viral trends, fresh web apps, and brand-new technology, it’s no wonder clients are wanting to move at the speed of light too. Sooner or later, Hybrid Models will be the only viable model able to move as quickly and with sufficient agility to keep up. For creative agencies, stepping up to the plate and optimizing skill sets, offerings, and perspectives are all essential to riding this wave. After all, it’s all about answering your client’s needs. Being prepared for anything is key to a quick and successful ride.

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