Introducing #TwitterPrism

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Here’s how we’re committed to making all marketing on Twitter truly inclusive

By Rebecca Rosengard (@RKRosengard)

Introducing #TwitterPrism.

If it weren’t for the people on Twitter, well, it wouldn’t be Twitter. That’s why we put them at the center of everything we do.

When we focus on empowering people’s voices and enabling their expressions, it helps us run our business better. That’s why we’re committed to working with our advertising partners to better amplify, advocate for and connect with diverse communities while uplifting creators and publishers who reflect the diversity of Twitter.

Why? Because we recognize our responsibility to support the diversity of the people we serve and our ability to drive industry-wide change. After all, without diverse voices (like Black, Latinx, LGBTQIA+, Asian, Disability and Native Indigenous voices from historically excluded communities), the conversation on Twitter wouldn’t reflect the true world of thoughts, feelings and ideas.

A Diversity of Voices

We believe inclusion is foundational to Twitter’s purpose of serving the public conversation. That’s why we’re focused on inclusion across our business and creating products with input from diverse communities. We’re centering diverse voices in our own @Twitter consumer marketing, deepening relationships 
with US advocacy organizations and nonprofits, investing in founders and teams from diverse communities and working to make Twitter the most diverse, inclusive and accessible tech company.

It’s also why we are leveraging the power of advertising to build a more equitable and inclusive future.

Teams such as Twitter ArtHouse, which connects brands with creators and influencers, are already driving inclusive initiatives forward. For example, they’re increasing the number of diverse creators they work with and have a goal to engage them for at least half of ArtHouse’s US-based influencer campaigns by the end of the year.

One such campaign, launched in August for Burt’s Bees, featured licensed esthetician and founder of Makeup For WOC Tiara Willis in partnership with OMG’s Diverse Creators Network.

Announcing #TwitterPrism

Inspired by the work already happening and aware of how much more there is to be done, we’re announcing #TwitterPrism to bring together existing and new efforts that support diverse creators and publishers. #TwitterPrism encourages and enables our advertising partners to create campaigns that are rooted in culture and center diverse, intersectional voices.

#TwitterPrism helps our advertising partners develop more inclusive marketing strategies and channel media dollars into diverse and historically excluded communities.

Specifically, we plan to:

  • Offer market
support so brands can better understand specific aspects of the communities they want to engage with, as it relates to an upcoming campaign or program.
  • Conduct Cultural 
Context workshops led by Twitter Next (our brand strategy team) to identify opportunities for brands to authentically connect with a community or topic that 
the brand has invested in supporting.
  • Deliver Connect Code workshops where creators from diverse communities lead educational sessions and provide perspective on how to authentically connect to key moments, topics and communities on Twitter.
  • Co-create custom creator campaigns with ArtHouse, where brands can leverage the creative craft of diverse visual artists and influencers to build more relevant ads.
  • Launch Voices X to connect brands with Voices from historically marginalized communities. Twitter Voices goes beyond traditional influencers and encompasses activists, authors and thought leaders.
  • Increase the number of minority owned and led Amplify Content Partners, so brands can invest in a broader array of diverse publishers and creators.
  • Invest in Amplify sponsorship partners who are creating content for Black, LatinX, AAPI and LGBTQIA+ communities (to start) and help brands connect with a broad set of diverse audiences.

The Time for Action Is Now

Change is happening. A broad spectrum of brands are working diligently to meet the demands of a rapidly-evolving market by connecting with diverse communities of customers and fans. #TwitterPrism helps our advertising partners develop more inclusive marketing strategies and channel media dollars to diverse communities.

Together with our marketing and advertising partners, we can use our space on the timeline to build a more equitable and inclusive future.

To learn more about how your brand can work with #TwitterPrism, please contact your Twitter Client Partner, or email us at

About the author

Rebecca leads Inclusive & Industry Marketing for Twitter’s US Business Marketing team. You can follow her @RKRosengard.

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