Five Reasons Why All Health and Wellness Brands Should Attend AWNewYork in 2022

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There is no denying that the last two years of the pandemic put health at the forefront of everyone’s minds. And while the focus during those early days were myopically on understanding the physical symptoms and keeping our communities safe, we quickly saw consumers begin taking stock and note of their mental and emotional health, reflecting on the quality of their life and actively looking for ways to improve their overall well-being.

From reevaluating personal goals and professional aspirations to creating new and better sleep, from healthy eating and skincare routines to taking charge of financial health and finding new meaning in personal relationships, consumers are actively looking for the resources and the brands that can not only help but empower the more holistic, post-pandemic life they want.

“Every part of us is interconnected and intimately linked to the environment in which we live, making it impossible for health and well-being to not play a critical factor, said Erin Edge, Editor-in-Chief at Healthline Media. “People are prioritizing their health for the long-term, and looking for sustainable ways to invest in their own well-being across all aspects of their lives.”

Edge added, “This idea of a whole person approach is being talked about on every stage – not just the Lifestyle and Health track. Whether you are a car brand, social media platform, selling insurance or fast food, it’s time for brands to take a holistic approach to see the full picture of a consumer’s lived experience, and we are excited to partner with Advertising Week New York to bring our perspective on these important conversations to the stage.”

“The topic of health can no longer just be limited to conversations about doctors, hospitals and pharmaceuticals – the world is too complex and more nuanced than ever,” said Louise DiIulio, executive director of Advertising Week New York. “From Academy Award Winning actors and Olympians sharing their personal experiences and challenges with anxiety and depression; business leaders talking about the importance of creating healthful workplaces and creating workforces that are more reflective of the society we live in; Or musicians, gurus and other spiritual leaders leading attendees through live meditation, stretching and yoga sessions, we are proud to have always given the varied and interconnected world of health and wellness a meaningful platform at our events around the world.”

Here are 5 Reasons Why All Health and Wellness Brands Should Attend Advertising Week New York in 2022:

Innovate: The popular Innovation Factory Stage events provide wellness brands an opportunity to learn about new ideas and cultural trends that impact them.

Look outside your usual sources and learn from faster-paced industries that might be further ahead of the innovation curve. Almost every brand has had to adapt over the past few years, so why not learn from their experiences?

Data, in particular, is top of mind this year, with the week’s speakers digging into solutions for a cookieless world, exciting data products, and how best to leverage data for more cost-effective decisions. If you’re looking for data solutions, don’t miss these conversations.

Sessions you won’t want to miss:

Focus: Last year, attendees from health companies in CPG/tech, pharma, and food and nutrition made an especially strong showing with panels that dove into the pandemic and other top-of-mind 2021 trends like telehealth innovations, the urgent need for mental health solutions, and how to bring well-being to more people. But we know how much can change in a year.

This year Advertising Week boasts more of a focus on physical and mental wellness than ever since the pandemic made it clear this is a keystone concern for many consumers. And with Healthline Media expanding its support of the Lifestyle and Health track again this year, you can expect a strong showing of speakers on this year’s most relevant wellness topics.

Sessions you won’t want to miss:

Refresh: If your current strategy is going stale, it’s time to draw inspiration from unexpected sources. AWNew York is an opportunity to kickstart change and make a splash. Meet people doing things differently, ask questions about ideas that interest you, and get the insights you need to get started.

For example,  minds and bodies are at the forefront of everyone’s attention. Wellness benefits have become a major selling point, not just for typical wellness brands — tons of brands are touting their contribution to consumer well-being, making it harder for health & wellness marketers to stand out from the crowd.

Sessions you won’t want to miss:

Listen: At Advertising Week, you’ll be surrounded by storytellers who have faced unconventional challenges and found a deeper meaning and purpose in their work. Look outside your industry to get a broader perspective on what your consumers see, think, and consume in media to find places for engagement and partnership. After all, well-being relates to all facets of our consumers’ lives, and when we have a fuller context, we can do more to offer support.

Sessions you won’t want to miss:

Network: Advertising Week provides an unparalleled opportunity for forging connections with industry innovators. Leaders are here: last year, over half of attendees were Director-level or above. This year, Advertising Week is building on the success of last year’s hybrid model, ensuring the event is accessible to more people.

The best way to make connections is to come and enjoy the speakers, social events, and cityscape. Get off LinkedIn and step into the Lower East Side!

Networking sessions happen at the end of each day!