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Is Creative … Dead?

I’m confident in the future of our creative industry for a few reasons, but the big one is represented by the one thing that AI cannot replicate: nuance.

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Why Marketing’s Love Affair with Specialists Must End

The ultimate test is to challenge everyone to have accountability in the outputs they oversee. This will keep skills developing, engagement high and your team operating like a best-in-class marketing organization.

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Rebuilding Consumer Trust in Skincare

Across skincare, beauty, and broader health & wellness, audiences want information they can trust. But all too often, they get a skewed version of reality from social media, or encounter misinformation in online resources.

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Pandemic Parenting: A Crisis in Well-Being

In our report, we explore what people need for relief — and how we, as health and wellness marketers, can better reflect their experiences and provide actionable resources. 

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Small Steps for Maximum Impact in Health & Wellness

Audiences are more focused than ever on building their overall, long-term well-being. But many people experience a gap between intention and action, showing they need greater support in setting and reaching their goals. 

Still photo from Expanding the Aperture of Wellness Tomorrow, Advertising Week New York 2021, The Innovation Factory Stage presented by Audacy, Hudson Yards, New York, USA - 18 Oct 2021

Expanding the Aperture of Wellness Tomorrow

Healthline Media, the #1 digital health and wellness property, shares insights from its new Future of Wellness report that calls attention to four seismic shifts driving consumer demand for democratized wellness.

The Beauty of Intersectionality

How are brands evolving to meet consumer needs, and how can our industry take this whole-person, intersectional approach further to build trust, engagement and loyalty with audiences?

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