Transformative Strategies in Influencer Marketing

In today’s rapidly evolving influencer marketing landscape, the ability to stand out requires a blend of innovation, community engagement, psychological insight, and the timeless power of storytelling.

Advertisers Demand Accountability. When Will Ad Tech Comply?

We can solve the challenges of campaign quality, data breaches and violations of privacy through rigorous processes and certification. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s worth the protection against the risk of a billion-dollar problem that can affect tens of millions of people worldwide. 

Black Friday Is No Longer Just a Date

Black Friday, like Christmas, isn’t only one day of the year. It’s one of the biggest yearly opportunities for brands and it’s time for advertising around the event to begin reflecting that.

AW360 Q&A with Stephanie Blake, CEO, Skylight

Advertising Week New York delegates already know how special the PENN DISTRICT venue is as it played host to the biggest Advertising Week event ever. We sat down with Stephanie Blake, CEO of Skylight, the company behind the PENN DISTRICT.

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