Hamburger Helper Relaunches Iconic Mascot, Lefty

By Heather Taylor, Editor-in-Chief, PopIcon

Can you believe it has been almost a decade since we last saw Hamburger Helper’s (or Helper, as the brand is now known) legendary talking glove brand mascot, Lefty? We… can’t. The last time PopIcon spoke to Lefty was in September 2016 when the character dropped a surprisingly good mixtape called Watch The Stove.

One of the last times we heard about Lefty was when Eagle Foods acquired Helper from General Mills in 2022. Lefty has been laying low since then, but it sounds like 2024 will be a big year for the icon’s triumphant comeback.

Lefty Helps Spread the Word About Helper’s 30 Affordable One-Pan Meals

What can Helper fans expect now that Lefty is back? The timing is kind of perfect for the character who returns in a new national campaign just as food inflation soars to record new heights. Americans are seeking meals that can do it all: have affordable price tags, are easy to cook, and offer up comfort food to everyone at the dinner table.

Lefty knows where they can find these meals! The mascot is spreading the word about 30 different Helper varieties of one-pan meals. These meals are loaded with reformulated flavors which include robust herbs, spices, and flavors. Plus, there’s a reduced cooking time so your meals are ready to eat in a flash.

“We are thrilled to bring back Helper in such a big way,” said Mala Wiedemann, EVP of Marketing and R&D at Eagle Foods.

“Helper has been a staple in America’s kitchens for over 50 years, and we’re launching Helper into the next 50. This is proof positive of Eagle Foods’ mission of revitalizing great brands, creating growth in the center store for retailers and delivering tremendous taste, variety and value for consumers.”

The new Helper campaign is slated to launch in mid-February and will be seen on TV, radio, digital, and social media platforms. You’ll catch Lefty starring in these commercial spots and always ready to answer the important question “What’s for dinner?”

Welcome back, Lefty! We love to see a mascot relaunch back into the spotlight again.

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