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Mint Fox

Who is the Mint Mobile Fox?

The Mint Mobile team joins PopIcon, and Advertising Week, in answering every question we’ve ever had about the Mint Fox


Game On! Mr. Peanut Is Heading To Super Bowl LVII!

Do you remember the last time you saw Mr. Peanut at the Super Bowl? The brand mascot’s last appearance at Super Bowl LIV in 2020 when the character sacrificed his life for pals Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes.

Australian Travel Mascot Ruby Roo

Meet Ruby the Roo, Australia’s New Tourism Ambassador!

Tourism Australia has never had an animated ambassador until now. In a new global campaign, Tourism Australia is encouraging travelers to “come and say g’day” and join their unofficial national mascot Ruby the Roo in finding adventure across Australia.

Gatsby and Blocky, Gate.io’s New Mascots

Meet Gatsby and Blocky, Gate.io’s New Mascots!

Gatsby and Blocky are two best friends with incredibly unique backstories. Anyone, whether you’re in the crypto space or not, can relate to them. Let’s learn more about each character!

Parody of the Geico Gecko reimagined as dinosaur, looking in on couple having dinner

What If The GEICO Gecko Was a Geckosaurus?

The Gecko’s latest adventure, helmed by The Martin Agency and Cut+Run, reveals how unsolicited advice could potentially lead to the beloved Gecko transforming into the kind of lizard for whom life, uh, finds a way.

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