Progressive’s Flo Reunites With Old Flame Jon Hamm in “Love and Other Bundles”

flo and john hamm

Did you know Progressive’s Flo and actor Jon Hamm used to be an item? One might even say they were once quite the bundle together! Progressive’s latest “Love and Other Bundles” ad campaign from Arnold Boston establishes a romantic narrative for the insurance spokescharacter that recalls a blind date between Flo and Hamm from years prior.

flo and john hamm

Will love continue to bundle itself in mysterious ways? Let’s find out!

“Old Flame”

In “Old Flame,” Flo is having coffee with the rest of the Progressive crew when Jon Hamm pulls up. He immediately recognizes her. Flo, however, remembers him as a struggling actor who didn’t know how much he could save in car insurance.

Determined to rekindle their spark together, Jon asks Flo out. Flo agrees, but only because “Tom Hamm” is a potential customer. Uh oh. It appears that Flo might have someone else that she’s interested in… and that someone is Progressive savings.

“Table for Two”

In a secluded booth over dinner, Flo and Jons date night starts off with — what else? — Flo telling a story about savings with a Progressive bundle! Both start laughing and Jon finds a way to see the beauty in a bundle. Two things… coming together… like a force of nature…

This proverbial bundle is meant to be. Even Flo can see that.

So, in typical Flo fashion, she arranges for Rodney to set up a Progressive bundle for Jon. As the camera pulls back, we realize everyone from the Progressive team is present during date night. Oh, and Jamie needs a ride home.

“Love and Other Bundles”

Will they or won’t they bundle up? The full “Love and Other Bundles” commercial tracks the full Flo-mance between Flo and Jon from their fateful reunion together outside the coffee shop to Jamie’s (terrible) dating tips meant to win over Flo’s heart.

The one way guaranteed to make Flo swoon for you? Endlessly repeat “bundle and save” to her. Or sing the bundle song that she’s thinking about. You know the one!