The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Mascots Are Phrygian Caps

The 2024 Paris Olympics mascots!

We may be more than 600 days out until the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics, but the games’ “Les Mascottes” have just been unveiled to the public.

They are the Olympic Phryge and Paralympic Phryge, two characters based on the Phrygian cap!

What’s The Phrygian Cap?

Here’s what you’ll know about the Phryges upon first glance. They are bright red, active, ambassadors for the Games. They are also hats!

The Paris 2024 characters are based on France’s famous symbol of freedom: the Phrygian cap. These red caps date back to ancient times and can be seen on the French national icon Marianne. (Incidentally, Marianne’s likeness makes up the Paris 2024 Olympic Games emblem!)

Phrygians have stood shoulder to shoulder with the French people in all key moments of history. Now, Phryges are ready to drive a revolution through sports and knowing sports can change everything in your life.

Meet Our Two Heroines

The two heroines of Paris 2024 are known simply as the Olympic Phryge and the Paralympic Phryge.

The Olympic Phryge prides herself on being careful and thoughtful when it comes to picking an adventure. She measures all the parameters necessary to achieve her goals, just like Olympic athletes do. The Olympic Phryge does not like to brag about her accomplishments. Instead, she’d rather lead the charge to get France moving!

The Paralympic Phryge can run as fast as an antelope with her running prosthetic! She is a little unlike the Olympic Phryge in that she would rather try out new things than weigh out pros and cons before getting started. The Paralympic Phryge is game for everything and is a true trailblazer, ready to get moving with France — and playing, dancing, and sweating too! Aside from movement, the Paralympic Phryge also loves to support and champion other athletes. Whether you’re enjoying a victory or need to get over a defeat, the Paralympic Phryge wants to celebrate with you!

The Phryge Mission

Together, these two Phryges want to inspire France to get moving. They can do it, too! After all, they have a millennia of experience when it comes to preparing to start a revolution.

It is the greatest conviction of the Olympic Phryge and Paralympic Phryge that sports can change everything. Now, these heroines have two years to get France and its people — as well as Olympics fans all around the world! — active and moving!

Our lives can only change for the better when we participate in sports, impacting our health, relationships with others, and how we relate to others. Join the movement, and the celebration, with these two Phryges and start welcoming sports into your life today! We’ll see you on Friday July 26, 2024 for the start of the Games!