See General Mills Beloved Brand Mascots In Action As They Take a Stand For Good

By Heather Taylor, Editor-in-Chief, PopIcon

Ever wonder what it might be like to work alongside brand mascots like Lucky the Leprechaun, the Pillsbury Doughboy, Count Chocula, and Boo Berry at General Mills? Fans now get a rare glimpse at what it’s like to call these iconic characters your work colleagues in a series of four new videos posted on the General Mills YouTube and Instagram accounts.

But these videos come with a twist. General Mills just released its annual Global Responsibility Report and their brand mascots have been recruited to show the company’s legacy of standing for good in action. Let’s watch and see how good goes to work.

“Hoo Hoo”

The first video in the series features a meeting where General Mills employees are congregated roundtable style to discuss the millions General Mills has given to help address childhood hunger. That’s $10 million since 2016, by the way.

It’s good news — so much so that somebody in the room can’t help but giggle “hoo hoo!” out loud. More “hoo hoo” giggles keep ensuing throughout the meeting’s bullet points. Anybody want to guess “hoo” they belong to?

Oops. The Pillsbury Doughboy promises to be quiet for the rest of the meeting, but the mention about the upcoming snack time makes him break into giggles all over again.

“A Monster Effort”

The next video heads to another office in the General Mills headquarters where Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry, AKA the Monster Cereals mascots, are all hard at work. See, the Monsters aren’t just friendly at General Mills. They’re eco-friendly.

Count Chocula and Boo Berry help lead some of the company recycling efforts by recycling their own cereal boxes. (90% of the packaging is reusable!) Franken Berry gardens outside until he gets too spooked by the sight of a pitchfork and runs away.

The trio is finally seen relaxing on lounge chairs sunbathing as energy is gathered by renewable resources. Everyone except Count Chocula, that is.

“What We’ve Given”

Cheerios’ Buzz Bee takes the spotlight in the third General Mills video which focuses on the ways the business gives back to its communities.

When he’s not at his treadmill office desk, Buzz Bee is walking throughout the building and collecting food donations in a big box. He gets a massive donation from Lucky Charms’ Lucky the Leprechaun: an entire pot of gold!

We’re not sure just how much gold Lucky gave, but it should be fun to watch GM match the donation.

“Good Goes To Work”

The final video sums up everything General Mills keeps at the heart of its business like standing for good by improving food security, creating a culture of belonging, and standing for farmers and communities.

Around the office, Boo Berry is spotted by the copy machine, the Doughboy hangs out with his coworkers, and Buzz Bee is in the meeting room leading a presentation. Even more General Mills mascots, including the Trix Rabbit and Sonny the Cuckoo Bird, are volunteering their time to pack up food donations.

Hard work advances the company goals. After all, the employee narrating this video says they didn’t get here just by being lucky. Well, except for Lucky the Leprechaun. He helped!

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