Who is the Mint Mobile Fox?

Mint Fox

By Heather Taylor, Advertising Week

Have you ever wondered about the green fox behind the Mint Mobile brand?

There’s not a whole lot of information available about this brand mascot. In conducting a Google deep dive, I was only able to find a handful of leads. One story told me the fox is the Mint Mobile company mascot (true!) while another claimed the fox’s name is Minty (false!).

Let’s set the record straight. The Mint Mobile team joins PopIcon and Advertising Week, in answering every question we’ve ever had about the Mint Fox — this is his real name — and his role as a brand mascot in the wireless sector.

Advertising Week: Is the Mint Mobile Fox meant to be the brand mascot alter ego of Ryan Reynolds? (Related: Reynolds became the owner of Mint Mobile in 2019.) Or does the Fox stand on its own?

The Mint Mobile Team: The fox is all his own. He has been with the Mint brand since day one. Ryan joined a little later.

AW: “Who” is the Mint Fox?

The Mint Mobile Team: The Mint Fox is our smart, clever mascothttps://advertisingweek.com/who-is-the-mint-mobile-fox/ and the audience’s guide into the world of Mint Mobile.

He has a healthy distaste for the status quo and always has a legit work-around to “the system,” especially to the archaic rules established by big wireless. His passion is pointing out the wrongdoings of big wireless and helping you save money.

AW: Some wireless companies have brand mascots while others work alongside a spokes-character. Why was a mascot chosen to represent Mint Mobile? And why a Fox out of any other animal?

The Mint Mobile Team: As a brand, we focus on doing the opposite of what big wireless does. So having a spokes-character wouldn’t be the right path for us. Yes, you could say Ryan, our owner, is a spokesperson but the difference is he’s not playing a character. It’s genuine and authentic Ryan talking to consumers about how they can save money with Mint.

As for the Fox –– foxes are the cleverest creatures in the animal kingdom. Naturally, if there’s one animal to speak to savvy customers about how they’ve outsmarted the system – or to be a beacon of change to those out there overspending on wireless – it’s gotta be the fox.

AW: The Mint Fox has a distinct, if not minimalist, appearance. What were some considerations which went into designing the Fox?

The Mint Mobile Team: The Fox has evolved a bit over time but many of the original design elements are still present in today’s Fox. These include the glasses (indicating mental acuity with an innate gift of foresight) and floppy ear (indicating flexibility and natural state of relaxation).

The original Fox design incorporated mint leaves making up the Fox’s body and legs. It was a subtle design element, but if you looked closely, you could see it. The original Fox was brought to life by one of our designers who used her dog as inspiration (her dog had one floppy ear). Of course, her dog was not green, but when your brand is Mint, you take some liberties.

AW: The Mint Fox plays a quiet role in the company while most brand mascots/spokes-characters often take assertive roles. Will there be Mint Mobile campaigns in the future where the Fox has a more active presence?

The Mint Mobile Team: While it’s true Ryan gets more of the credit these days for promoting the brand to prospective consumers because he has a larger role in top-of-funnel campaigns, the Fox has a critical role in the consumer journey.

Because part of his job is to help you save money, he’s a big part of our mid and lower funnel campaigns and a guide for those navigating our site. Once you become a customer, the Fox is there to onboard you. He uses how-to videos, emails, and other content to ensure you start your Mint journey off on the right foot.

AW: What does 2023 hold for Mint Mobile and the Mint Fox?

The Mint Mobile Team: Right now, there is so much financial pressure being placed on the consumer, but are they really getting what they pay for with brands across the board? Unlike other big wireless brands, Mint remains dedicated to providing consumers with high quality service, at an incredibly low price –– regardless of the economic landscape.

For Mint, value has always been an integral part of our marketing communication and continues to be so in 2023 and beyond. We’re working to create a steady drumbeat around how we’re bringing value to our customers – whether that’s through savings, enhanced services or better product offerings – and are constantly focused on ease and value for the end user.

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Image Credits: Mint Mobile