Who’s Afraid of Frankenstein’s Monster in GEICO’s New Commercial?

By Heather Taylor, Editor-in-Chief, PopIcon

If there’s one thing a kooky character like Frankenstein’s Monster is going to do, it’s land a starring role in a new GEICO advertising campaign.

Did Frankenstein’s Monster really reach a dead end in the new “Monster” spot from The Martin Agency? And is he even a monster? Let’s watch and learn.


The commercial kicks off with Frankenstein’s Monster and a passenger trapped in a dead end. In theory, they’re stuck there because they’re surrounded by angry locals brandishing torches. The reality? The batteries in their car died. (If we had to choose between being stuck at a dead end or dead car batteries, we’d pick the dead end.)

Luckily, coverage and 24/7 help is on its way from the GEICO app. They know a thing or two about covering dead batteries.

The locals realize the person they’re talking to isn’t Frankenstein’s Monster at all. It’s his cousin Trevor. Frankenstein’s Monster, Trevor explains, lives in the spooky castle up the road in the opposite direction the raging mob came from.

As the mob turns back around, a tow truck heads towards Trevor and the passenger. Thanks to GEICO their mishaps were, frankly, short-lived… for now. We’d like to see Trevor make a recurring appearance in another GEICO campaign.

Anyone at GEICO game for a life insurance spot with way too many “it’s alive!” references? Or a crossover event with a cameo from Monster Cereals Franken Berry? We’ll keep our fingers crossed for the latter!

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