A Cinderella Story, As Told by the GEICO Gecko

sports broadcaster with geico lizard

GEICO is having a ball in its latest commercial starring the iconic Gecko mascot.

The spot takes place during a frenzied basketball game, tying in with NCAA March Madness (where GEICO is a proud partner). The announcer exclaims that the heated game is turning into a real Cinderella story.

geico lizard

Basketball fans know a Cinderella team in NCAA basketball is a number 8 seed or below, but the GEICO Gecko is thinking less about seeds and more about pumpkin carriages.

The Gecko, acting as co-host, starts to enthusiastically tell the tale of Cinderella. Y’know, the other kind of Cinderella story. The fairytale that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Will the glass slipper fit? What if the evil stepsisters chase the prince away? And don’t forget that the carriage turns into a pumpkin at midnight. Trying to drive a pumpkin, the Gecko notes, can be very unwieldy.

geico lizard

It’s a riveting tale, but also one that leaves the co-host and audience confused.

“What are you talking about?” the co-host asks the Gecko.

“What are you talking about?” The Gecko seems surprised they’re not on the same page.

If the shoe fits, right? Don’t worry: the Gecko can easily catch up on the term by going back into his Twitter history. In 2019, the character used the phrase in a tweet that references the hit movie Caddyshack. Grab your glass slipper and head to the big dance. Happy March Madness!