“Lidl Bear” Becomes The Unexpected Star In Lidl’s Holiday Campaign

Lidl Bear

By Heather Taylor, Advertising Week

It all started with a shrunken jumper. In the new Lidl GB holiday ad campaign, a dad’s once human-sized jumper is accidentally shrunk in the wash. The daughter quickly put it on her stuffed teddy bear. The moment the jumper fitted the teddy bear, a star was born. A stuffed star known as the Lidl Bear.

As the advert’s voiceover narration declares, retail chain company Lidl never planned to create a Christmas character. But the Lidl jumper chose this teddy bear and it is about to experience the highs and lows of celebrity like no other stuffed animal has before.

The Lidl Bear Skyrockets To Fame!

“The Story of Lidl Bear” follows the overnight success of the Lidl Bear. While the bear does not express any emotions in its furry face, this does not stop it from becoming a viral sensation.

Lidl notices the Lidl-branded jumper on the bear and gives it the spotlight in its branded social media and advertising campaigns. Before long, the Lidl Bear is hitting the red carpet and starring as the cover story on magazines.

The Lidl Bear also begins to lean into celebrity. A bit too much, I’m afraid. We see the teddy board private jets and start wearing sunglasses with the jumper. As Lidl Bear watches a morning show interview featuring its owner, the little girl who misses her teddy bear, the Lidl Bear character starts to shake. Its face remains perfectly emotionless, but something is tugging on the teddy’s heart.

On Christmas Day, the daughter wakes up to find everything she had wished for in her home. A table full of tasty food and a big hug from the Lidl Bear, who parachuted safely from the plane and back into her home.

What makes the Lidl Bear so memorable, jumper aside, is how the audience can never tell what it is thinking.

“What stands Lidl Bear apart from other Christmas characters is its hilarious, deadpan expression,” said Claire Farrant, marketing director at Lidl GB. “By displaying no emotion, it manages to create humour and deliver our message about what’s actually important this Christmas.”

Why Isn’t The Lidl Bear For Sale?

Speaking of what’s important during Christmas, Lidl announced in a corporate press release this holiday season the character will not be sold at Lidl stores. Farrant said in the face of unrealistic Christmas expectations and pressure, Lidl knows what really matters during the holiday season is being with the people we care about the most.

Instead of creating merchandise for the character, Lidl Bear is the inspiration for Lidl’s Christmas charitable drive. This drive, called Lidl Bear’s Toy Bank, ensures every child experiences the joy of a beloved toy by encouraging donations of new or unwrapped toys and games through the Neighbourly community network. All donations, from small stocking stuffers to larger presents like toys, games, puzzles, and books, collected through the drive will be given to children in need across the UK. An additional £250k has also been committed by the supermarket for charities this holiday season, including a £125k donation for the toy bank initiative.

Find out more about how the Lidl Bear Toy Bank works and how to donate by visiting the website. Join Lidl in gifting toys for children this Christmas and help make a child’s holiday wish come true!

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