Who’s America’s Most Beloved Insurance Mascot?

By Heather Taylor, Editor-in-Chief, PopIcon

Do you think you could guess the which insurance mascot, or spokescharacter, is universally beloved by one and all? The answer might surprise you!

Insurity, the leading provider of cloud software for insurance carriers, released their P&C Consumer Pulse survey on March 7 which surveyed 1,000 adult participants. Key findings indicated which P&C insurance brand mascots were favorites among Americans.

Let’s run through which mascots received top honors — and whether all generations agreed.

Most Beloved Insurance Mascot

No matter how old you are, everyone loves the GEICO Gecko. He captured 25% of the vote!

Close on the heels of the Gecko, however, each generation surveyed also said they had a second favorite insurance mascot. For Gen Zers, this runner-up is Jake from State Farm. Millennials picked Progressive’s Flo while Gen X chose the Aflac Duck.

As for baby boomers surveyed, their second choice is none other than Allstate’s Mayhem.

Insurance Mascot We’d Most Like To Grab a Beer With

This was another category where the generations duked it out. Jake from State Farm won with 34% of survey votes including most of the Gen Z vote.

Right on Jake’s heels at 31% was Mayhem. Most baby boomers surveyed said they’d most like to share a pint with him. Hmm, are we sensing a pattern?

Best Commercials


Progressive received top honors in this category at 22%, but it was far from a landslide win. GEICO trailed closely in second place at 21%.

Makes you wonder what the P&C Consumer Pulse Survey 2025 findings might look like. No pressure or anything…

Favorite Insurance Jingle

Don’t forget the jingle! Farmers Insurance catchy “We Are Farmers” received near unanimous votes from all generations — Gen Zers, millennials, and Gen Xers — as their favorite insurance jingle.

The outlier were the baby boomers. Their favorite jingle? State Farm’s “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”

“The connection between advertising spend and brand recognition for P&C insurers cannot be overstated,” said Elizabeth Hutchinson, AVP, Brand & Product Marketing at Insurity.

“Our survey highlights how integral mascots and memorable commercials are to building a relatable and beloved brand image in this industry. These characters and their narratives not only engage consumers, but also play a crucial role in maintaining top-of-mind awareness in a competitive market, even as advertising budgets are scrutinized.”

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