Watch The Energizer Bunny Spoof True Crime in “Crime Investigators”

energizer bunny crime investigator commercial

The Energizer Bunny loves a good spoof. In December 2021, Energizer parodied the “December to Remember” luxury car commercials with a take where one lucky family received their very own Energizer Bunny. Now, the Energizer Bunny is back — only this time he’s hopping to a true crime case. Get your magnifying glass and looking eyes emoji ready for this one.

“Crime Investigators”

Camp+King’s “Crime Investigators” opens one dark night at the scene of a crime. The victim? Little Miss Cupcake.

energizer bunny

A bleary-eyed detective gazes at the toy’s chalk outline on the cement. She’s completely powered down. Little Miss Cupcake, the detective narrates, never stood a chance next to knockoff batteries.

energizer bunny

Suddenly, the Energizer Bunny strides through the police cars dressed in a fedora and trench coat. (This ensemble pairs nicely with his signature sunglasses.) He triumphantly holds up Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. The news channel crews start filming and the detectives on the scene hold their breath as the Energizer Bunny snaps the new batteries into Little Miss Cupcake. Will these new batteries work?

They do! Instantly, Little Miss Cupcake is back up and running and the detectives close the spoof case, thanks to the help of EB.

More Spots Starring the Energizer Bunny in Spoof-able Situations

From genre-bending spoofs to taking on beloved characters in the pop culture lexicon like Darth Vader and the Wicked Witch of the West, let’s look back on some of the most memorable commercials starring the Energizer Bunny in unusual circumstances.

Foiling Supervolt Batteries

Several 1993 Energizer spots hinged on the story of a fictional battery company called Supervolt Batteries. Supervolt is trying to beat their competitor Energizer in battery sales. They even came up with their own brand mascot, the Supervolt Weasel, but nothing’s catching on with audiences. The CEO’s plan? Neutralize the Energizer Bunny by getting rid of his battery. Watch each spot to see if Supervolt succeeds and the lengths the company will go to try to stop the Energizer Bunny from going (and going).

Genie in a Bottle

An archeologist on a dig uncovers a rare lamp in this 1996 Energizer spot. Inside is a genie who grants the archeologist three wishes. You’ll never guess what happens when you wish for long life.

Bermuda Triangle

What happens when the Energizer Bunny winds up in the Bermuda Triangle? In this 1992 spot, EB disappears quite literally disappears into thin air for three days. We don’t know what happened to him or what he experienced when he was gone, but we do know that we see him three days later he is still going.