Exness, Rebranded. An Interview with Alfonso Cardalda, Chief Marketing Officer at Exness

By R. Larsson, Advertising Week

Exness, the world’s largest retail market-maker, recently unveiled a significant rebranding initiative, reflecting and reinforcing its position as the market leader. Through a revamped visual identity, Exness turns the spotlight on the very values that helped it reach the top. We sat down with Alfonso Cardalda, Chief Marketing Officer at Exness, to discuss.

AW360: So, the new brand reveal came shortly after your 15-year anniversary, celebrating Exness’ ‘exceptional moments’ and achievements. Why did you guys decide on this timing to rebrand?

Alfonso: Well, as you know, it was all about marking a milestone in our journey. The 15-year anniversary was a perfect moment to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re headed. We wanted to celebrate our achievements while also signaling to the world that we’re ready for the next big thing.

AW360: That makes sense. Can you tell us more about how the rebranding reflects Exness’ legacy and sets the stage for your next steps?

Alfonso: With the rebranding, we wanted to pay homage to our roots but also show that we’re evolving. It’s about staying true to our core values while also adapting to meet the needs of our clients and the market. For the next three years, we’re focusing on three pillars. The first is innovation – we will continue innovating and building product features to be competitive in the market. The second is our go-to-market strategy – we want to continue exploring new regions and new audiences and provide the product that they are looking for, and third, we’ll continue improving the way we communicate.

AW360: I noticed the ‘exo’ emblem is the standout feature of the new identity. What’s the story behind it?

Alfonso: The Exo is truly a one-of-a-kind symbol. That’s the head and the heart of our new identity. The head covers the complexity, the numbers, the algorithms, and all of the product features. But on the other side you have the heart – that’s our passion, our people, our drive. There is no detail that doesn’t have to be there. There is no distraction or noise. We wanted to use simplicity to bring order to the complexity of the markets. The ‘exo’ is a symbol of who we are as a company.

AW360: Were there any concerns about changing the visual identity of such an established brand?

Alfonso: Of course. Any time you’re making changes to something as iconic as a brand identity, there’s going to be some hesitation. But, we wanted to elevate our brand to the same level as our product. We did our homework, got feedback from our clients and team, and made sure the new look still felt like Exness. It’s all about balancing tradition with progress.

AW360: Rebranding can be tricky. How did you ensure a smooth roll-out, and what impact do you think it will have on your clients and partners?

Alfonso: We knew that communication was key. So, we made sure to keep everyone in the loop every step of the way. By involving our clients and partners in the process, we were able to minimize any potential hiccups and ensure a seamless transition. A brand inspires emotions, it builds relationships. The only way to build trust is to build an environment where people can connect with you and feel secure. This is what the Exness brand is about.

AW360: Exciting stuff! What’s on the horizon for Exness in 2024?

Alfonso: Ah, you’ll have to wait and see! But I can tell you this much: we’re not slowing down anytime soon. We’ve got big plans for expansion, improvements to our trading features, and a continued focus on our #ExnessFamily culture. It’s going to be a great year!