Going Global With Amazon Ads: The Ultimate Guide to Multi-Country Advertising

There are shoppers around the world—right this second—looking for products just like yours. So why not help get your brand in front of them?

European small and medium enterprise businesses (SMEs) sold more than 1.2 billion products to Amazon customers worldwide in 2022[i]. With more customers shopping online than ever before, now could be the right time to focus on reaching shoppers around the world. If you are looking to help increase the visibility of your brand to grow your sales globally, then multi-country advertising may be the solution you’re looking for.

Expanding your advertising globally with Amazon Ads

You may already be running sponsored ads by Amazon Ads in the home base of your business, but have you considered advertising to shoppers around the world too? Sponsored ads by Amazon Ads continue running when your working day is over, so you can let them do the heavy lifting and reach customers around the world that are awake when you’re asleep.

Multi-country advertising can help you connect with customers across multiple countries and regions. For example, you can advertise in countries in different regions, like Mexico in North America or Japan in Asia, or across multiple countries within the same region, such as France and Italy. Shipping your products across countries is simple too – the Pan-European FBA program, for example, can help you fulfill orders to customers across Europe.

German health and nutrition company foodspring saw success advertising across Europe with solutions and tools from Amazon Ads: “We’re currently based in six countries and we’re always adding more. Over the last few years, Amazon Ads has launched so many different multi-country tools and features that help make our tasks way easier,” said Aakriti Malhotra, Senior Marketplace Manager, foodspring.

Managing ads across multiple countries is now even easier. If you’re already using Amazon Ads solutions, you can now manage your advertising across all applicable countries through a single sponsored ads account, while new advertisers only need to create one account to register for sponsored ads in all eligible countries. And now you can view and manage your campaigns and create a single campaign report across all countries you advertise in, in one place.

“Amazon [Ads] is not just for big sellers. With Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display, the opportunities to help you grow are endless. There are great knowledge tools and features that will help guide you to achieve your goals,” continued Malhotra.

The results speak for themselves.

Navigating language barriers

Caffè Vergnano, one of the oldest coffee roasting companies in Italy, used Amazon Ads to help increase sales and build brand awareness across Italy, Spain, Germany, and France. “We’ve seen great success using Amazon Ads,” said Carolina Vergnano, CEO. “We started [using Amazon Ads solutions] in 2018, and since then we’ve always had double-digit growth. We saw immediate growth, and long-term [growth] that we’ve been able to maintain over the years.”

Language was a challenge that was quickly identified by the Caffè Vergnano team when they began multi-country advertising. The Amazon Ads suggested keyword localization and custom keyword ranking feature became a big help. With this feature, they were able to see suggested keywords in the local language of the country where their Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns would appear. Custom keyword ranking helped Caffè Vergnano sort their suggested keywords based on estimated clicks or sales volume, so they could select high-performing keywords to optimize their campaigns. Text and video translation support is also available to help you translate your ads for use in different countries.

According to Amazon research, using tools available in the ad console have helped multi-country advertisers drive 11X higher ad-attributed sales at a 40% lower cost per click (CPC) on average [iii].

Turning new audiences into new customers

You don’t have to dive right in. Start small and test the waters. You could start by launching ads in one or two countries that have something in common with your brand’s home country—like a shared language, cultural similarities, or neighboring location—to help familiarize yourself with advertising in new countries.

Amazon Ads can also help you get to know your audience better too. Customers in different countries may have different shopping habits. If you’re a registered brand owner, tap into the Brand Analytics feature in Seller Central to gain insights into the most popular keywords and shopping queries in different countries or regions.

You can also help boost visibility for your products and brands during local and peak shopping events across different countries when customers are browsing for items, such as Ramadan or Christmas, so consider these in your planning.

Multi-country advertising is a great way to help boost visibility of your brand and increase your sales. Just remember, there might be some taxes and fees to consider when selling and advertising on Amazon in multiple countries. Visit our free guide to explore answers to your questions about taxes and regulatory fees, and Value Added Tax (VAT) rules.

Find out more about how you can get started with multi-country advertising with Amazon Ads.

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