Amazon Ads Streaming TV Research Report

Commissioned with Opinium, the Amazon Ads Streaming TV Research Report investigates the challenges and opportunities for advertisers in the UK streaming TV space. The research shows that streaming has emerged as a primary route to brand discovery and offers a clear opportunity for brands to marry interesting content with commerce – particularly when engaging younger audiences. For the UK, findings include:

  • 49% of respondents have discovered a new brand through streaming, rising to 74% when looking at adult Gen-Z and millennial audiences (those aged 18-34 years old)
  • 93% of 18–24-year-olds stream for over an hour per day
  • 28% of respondents said they would buy a product directly from an ad after seeing it woven into content that they are already watching, increasing to 44% amongst 18-34-year-olds
  • 33% of 18-34 year olds were receptive to interacting with ads directly and would search for more information on an ad via interactive functions.