3 Ways Brands Can Embrace the “Always-On” Mindset

By Jaron Gilinsky, CEO, Glimmer

Content is king – but the kingdom’s landscape is changing faster than ever, as trends in consumer preferences, social media algorithms, and digital platforms are shifting incredibly swiftly.

In order to navigate these changes, and ensure that the content they are producing remains relevant and resonant, brands today must adopt a new mindset, one that is less reliant on long-term cycles and instead seizes the moment, connects with the news cycle, and is timely, relevant and engaging.

What’s required now is an “always-on” mindset, which emphasizes a continual awareness and responsiveness to the dynamic nature of the digital space, allowing brands to pivot quickly and seize emerging opportunities.

Here are three key ways brands can embrace the “always-on” marketing mindset:

  1. Be clear on your brand’s values.  To build an “always-on” approach to content, you first must be absolutely clear on your brand’s soul. A strong identity is imperative to create the necessary foundation for all your communications. Once you have your mission clear, you can come up with formats that you can post on the platform to then build up your freelancer teams to make serialized content that will perform on social channels, while connecting back to a clear north star.
  2. Streamline the production process. In today’s world, it’s possible to produce faster than ever, and more consistently. Look for ways to optimize and expedite the production and approval processes. Serialization cuts down the price per project, as more smaller projects get made rather than large slow projects. This in turn increases the volume of output and leads to more data. This data then drives better creative decisions, rather than gut feelings, all serving to streamline the production process for faster output.
  3. Ensure teams are highly collaborative. Content creation is not a solitary endeavor; it thrives on collaboration and cross-functional teamwork.  Promote a collaborative culture where writers, designers, strategists, and marketers work seamlessly together. This collaborative spirit fosters a holistic approach to creative projects, leveraging diverse skill sets and perspectives.  This spirit then enhances the ideation process, leading to content that aligns closely with the brand’s overall strategy and goals, while perpetually adapting to the evolving digital landscape.

Brands today thrive on rapid ideation and execution. This not only ensures that brands can capitalize on trending topics and timely events but also allows for the creation of real-time, engaging content that captures the audience’s attention in the moment. The “always-on mindset” fosters a proactive approach to content creation, keeping brands in a perpetual state of readiness to connect with their audience.